Why do we sell tamper-proof tax disc holders?

Vehicle crime is a huge problem. And not just because of the cost incurred by the owners, but also overall inconvenience. At the very least, if someone breaks into your car there's likely to be some degree of physical damage which will need to be repaired. More significant damage might have a negative impact on your insurance. You may have to go without your vehicle for a day or two. If the vehicle is stolen you'll have to get another one; a long and tedious process. You may even be stranded and have to arrange alternative transport for a while.

DVLA design tamper-proof tax disc holder

One major incentive for a thief to break into a vehicle is to steal a tax disc or permit. It stands to reason, therefore, that securing tax discs and permits in vehicles could lead to a significant reduction in vehicle crime. Here's a great article about tax disc theft in 2002 which clearly illustrates the need for increased security, and when you consider the value of the item in question, and the usual way it's stored in a vehicle, it's no surprise that they are sought-after among thieves.

Stay-Secure offers a great product that can protect your tax disc or permit, while also visually deterring potential thieves. Using a tamper-proof tax disc/permit holder could significantly reduce the probability that your vehicle will be targeted by thieves, and thus reduce the cost of owning a vehicle by avoiding unnecessary damage and loss. Here's how it works:

The Stay-Secure Tamper-proof Tax Disc Holder exhibits a bold visual “WARNING” that it is “TAMPER PROOF”, and acts as a deterrent to potential thieves from attempting to steal it. A security concious owner may also have other measures in place, so they are more likely to ignore your vehicle altogether.
The disc is secured between two strong adhesive surfaces which cannot be separated without the disc being destroyed. Even if the disc holder is successfully removed from the vehicle, the disc itself cannot be altered and so cannot be sold.