From 1st October, vehicle tax discs will no longer be issued. The authorities are now able to monitor who has paid vehicle tax, MOT, insurance etc., via their online databases. However our tamper-proof disc holders will still enable you to protect all other kinds of disc that remain in use throughout the country.

A tax disc/permit is a valuable item and can provide as much incentive for a thief to break into your vehicle as anything else you may have left on display.

Use a Tamper-Proof Tax Disc Holder from Stay-Secure to remove the incentive. Secure your tax disc or permit in a protective pocket that prevents it being altered, while making it much more difficult to remove from your vehicle.

Tax disc can be easily removed
Intact disc can be altered and sold
No security, no warning
Order yours online from only 1.50
Tax disc is secure in the holder
Attempted removal damages disc
Damaged tax discs cannot be sold
Visual warning deters thieves
Supported by Police Authorities
DVLA tested and approved